Hello! My name is Carissa MacNaught. I live in Illinois with my husband, my youngest son and my adorable miniature dachshund, Karma.  

I grew up watching my mom sew clothes for myself and my siblings. I started sewing in junior high, and because I loved it, I continued through high school. As was common back in the '80s, paper patterns left a lot to be desired as far as directions and diagrams. After high school, sewing went to the back burner because I joined the United States Marine Corps and later changed branches and joined the United States Navy. I did sew a few things here and there, such as curtains and other home decor items, but never really found anything that wowed me.

Fast forward a few years after I was honorably discharged from The US Navy and I was admiring a purse from a name brand designer. Once I looked at the price tag I no longer wanted to buy it and thought to myself "I can make that!"  I remember downloading my first ever PDF bag pattern in 2010 and made one right away. I was hooked and that started what is now known as my pattern hoard, haha! I then joined a few bag sewing groups and found one particular designer that has amazing patterns. I made my way through all of her patterns, building and honing my skills. After posting my bag sewing creations, I was contacted through social media by a few designers to be a pattern tester. I then spent a couple of years sewing for several designers and sharing my bags in sewing groups and making custom orders.

I had always wanted to design bag patterns but it was never the right time because of lack of how to do it. Then in mid 2018 I started designing my own pattern for a badge holder pattern because the ones I found to buy were not quite what I was looking for. My patterns have lots of clear photos for most steps and professionally drafted pattern pieces that I design on my own. I have a wonderful team of testers that help me provide quality bag patterns and I wouldn't be where I am without them. I look forward to releasing many more bag patterns in the future. I absolutely LOVE seeing posts from other sewists in the sewing groups using my patterns and I would LOVE to see yours! You can join my group here —> https://www.facebook.com/groups/needleandanchorsupplyco/