moby slouchy hobo bag

Introducing the Moby Slouchy Hobo Bag! This carefree and generously sized hobo bag is perfect for the stylish woman that loves an unstructured but gorgeous bag! It can be made from various fabric mediums such as quilting cotton, leather, vinyl and cork fabric. The pattern features a split lining that has a compartment on both sides with a zippered pocket in the center and soft pretty pleats. Add the crossbody strap and it makes the perfect day bag out on the town!

I hope you enjoy my pattern!

This pattern is for the Advanced Sewist. You'll need to know how to install grommets, rivets and zippers. Don't let this discourage you ... I have a Facebook group (JOIN HERE) that I'm active in and have very helpful members.

***NOTE*** This is for a digital product ONLY.



Finished Dimensions:

19"W x 11 1/2"H x 6"D


Fabric & Woven Interfacing Requirements: (measurements are approximate and don’t account for directional or fussy cutting)

 For the exterior I recommend using fabric that is pliable and pleats easily.   


Exterior Fabric: 1 1/4 yards

Optional Contrast (for Lining Top, Bag Base and Crossbody Strap): 1/3 yard

Lining Fabric: 1 yard

Contrast Lining Fabric: Fat Quarter or 1/4 yard

Woven Interfacing (requirements based on 20” wide - adjust accordingly): 3 1/2 yards 

Stabilizer: 1/3 yard Pellon Peltex 71F or equivalent 


Hardware Requirements:

• 2 - 3/8” inside diameter grommets (for Crossbody Strap)

• 8 - 3/4” inside diameter grommets (for handles)

• 2 - 1” gate rings or arch hooks (they need to fit in the smaller grommets)

• 1 - 1" slider for crossbody strap

• 2 - 3/4" strap sliders for fabric or leather strapping handles 

• 1 - #5  9” zipper  or continuous zipper tape (interior zippered pocket) 

• 2 - XS skinny belts OR 2 - 3/4” sliders for bag handles OR 2 - 37"W x 5/8"H leather strapping

• 10 to 20 - rivets for handles and bag (thickness determined by your materials)


Additionally, choose one of the following closures

• 1 - 18mm magnetic snap OR 

• 1 - #5 16” zipper or continuous zipper tape


Optional But Recommended Supplies:


• Rotary Leather Hole Punch tool

• 1 - 3/8” zipper (strap end) or follow directions to sew one 

• Double Sided Tape (DST) or Washaway Wonder Tape

• Beacon Fabri-Tac

• School glue stick

• Pencil or similar marking utensil 

• Chaco Liner 

• Fray Check


***NOTE*** This is for a digital product only.  Feel free to make and sell your Moby Slouchy Hobo Bags.  Credit is appreciated but not necessary.